Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

Fitness suite

The fitness suite at work is starting to fill up.
A bit like myself!
After my op last year i had lost a stone and a half in wieght and was sitting on a skinny looking 15 and a half stone.
whaaaaheee i thought a perfect excuse to munch and get the wieght back on so i could get my healthy look back.
well i wieghed myself yesterday. exactly one years since i got home and one year sinced i last wieghed myself........i AM 2LB SHORT OF 19 STONE!!!! well i nearly shat a kipper when i seen that. in fact i stood on and off the scales 6 times before i eventually accepted that i had stepped into the FB* zone.

so this place is going to see my more than ample backside in it on a pretty regular basis. And hopefully with my cycleing to work i should get my frame back down to a more acceptable 16 stone.
Talking of wich i have managed to cycle in 3 days of a 4 day working week. (I was rained of yesterday!)

Legal Edit
The Author of this work reseves the right to renage on all the above statements at any time and revert to being a lazy shit at no notice.

* FAT B*****D

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