By CarolineJay


I spent so much time wandering round the house today, looking for
quick blips and taking extremely unsatisfactory photos all because I
was too busy to go out, that I might as well have gone for a two-hour
nature ramble. Anyway, here's the blip.
Remember these? Somebody gave me these Chinese Healthy Balls about 20
years ago, and they've been sitting largely forgotten on a dresser
most of the time since then. For those who don't know, they're quite
heavy, and they make a tinkling sound. This is what the leaflet says -
"Holding two Balls in your palm and moving them, you can heard a sound
of 'Roaring Dragon and Singing Phoenix', gentle and pleasing, having a
artistic conception living in a fabled abode of immortals and a
feeling to go to 'Yan-Chi Palace'. At the same time, by the
stimulating the various acupuncture points on the hand, the ball can
adjust the nerve centre, benefit the brain, improve the faculty of
memory, relieve the fatigue, drown the worries and help to get over
mental fatigue. It is also used for the prevention and treatment of
the numbness and trembling of hands, the arithritis in fingers and
wrists, hypertension, and aged disease, etc. So it can prolong
people's life and is a treasure necessary for the aged, actor and
Blimey! It's time I dusted them off and put them to good use. I could
do with all of those - and right now. I wonder how quickly they work.
Quite nice large as well.

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