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By karenanya

Genuine Reading Festival mud

It is Reading Festival weekend. Reading residents get used to this annual invasion of young people. For our children, it is a rite of passage to go to the festival.

As it has been raining hard for the last week or so, the festival site is a quagmire (even on day one). It is down by the river Thames and so really suffers if it rains. Son number one has been going to the festival for the last four years. Now an experienced attender, there's no way he wants to camp there - loads of drunk teenagers, no sleep, no showers and long queues for the 'facilities'.

His feet had to be squeezed into these wellies before he set off (when do feet stop growing?). He came home tonight before the last act and was very pleased to remove the mud covered wellies and his plastered jeans. Sounds like he had a good day despite the rain, mud and £4 bottles of water (lids not allowed!).

We can hear the last act (My Chemical Romance) in full swing even though we live around four miles away. Hope they are all having fun.

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