a town called E.

By Eej


Those Celtic Crushes hit me a bit harder than I thought they would. Oops.
Of course, staying up 3 hours longer than usual probably didn't help either.
Cue a rather delicate and fragile feeling of bleh and befuddledness.

So when I saw these two I somehow thought they were conjoined twins instead of going for the more logical answer.
Namely, that they were holding hands.

I took a billion* photos and saw myself published in National Geographic as having discovered conjoined cabbage whites. And let's face it; normally cabbage whites are the epitome on non-exciting which made this even better! I contemplated catching them and performing surgery to separate them**.

And then they ... uhm ... dislodged and flew off.
And then the quarter dropped.

I bet he (on the right) is not even going to help her (on the left) raise the lil caterpillars.

*I wish I was kidding about that.
**I wish I was kidding about that too.

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