By eightthirty

like a horse and carriage

Yet another evening blip, and again at the end of another marvellous day.

Out for a wee 5k run this morning followed by a good, challenging time at KCC. Home for lunch then an afternoon of DVDs, snoozes and then a fun visit from some family. Even read some pages of a real book too.

Enjoyed some cake today - including one of these Banana Muffins, Mrs theWeir's first attempt. A most successful one too.

Tonight we watched some West Wing, chatted and laughed. Brilliant.

It's one thing to read about or watch life - it's another thing entirely to live it.

This photo was chosen after a little deliberation between it and this one.

It was perhaps more apt that at 8:30 we were enjoying some food and watching TV (and the couple theme is where the title came from). Classic song. But this picture was the better of the two.

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