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By sharob

F1 in Manchester

So .. we're all back from our lovely honeymoon ..

We stayed in Southampton on Thursday and Friday nights, we went to the cinema, ate out at restaurants, shopped until we dropped, took late night strolls we stayed in Cwmbran on Saturday night, drove through winding roads, ate lunches late, Manchester last night, stood in the rain for too long, went to bed late, woke up late .. amazing! We did miss our girls so we just made sure to absolutely enjoy our time alone. We definitely did that!

We arrived in Manchester last night, took a stroll through the Trafford Centre (OMG I must go back there for some major shopping!!) Saw some people trying to steal money from the water fountain! Saw a magic piano playing on it's own, set off some rather scary looking bears which are apparently meant to appeal to children! Took photos next to bronze mermaids .. Trafford Centre is amazing, even if only for the sights. We went to the City Centre today as Jensen Button was going to drive an F1 car through the City .. we waited for AGES! He first drove a an apparently amazing silver car (I'm no car buff) but it was fast. We waited for another 45 minutes after that to see him drive his F1 car through the purpose made track. He treated us all to some great photo opportunties by pulling some donuts right in front of us (we were lucky enough to get into a Vodafone VIP stand) I'm so glad I managed to get this shot as a few people just stuck their big fat heads in front of my camera. I didn't fancy getting arrested so calmly balanced over the side of the railings :)

Anyway .. I'm back! :) ANd I'm married?!?!?! It's so weird!

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