Jake's Journal

By jakethreadgould

A meeting that made my skin crawl.

Back to the aforementioned 'marriage tourist' from Muricah. We made it to the hostel after a slog from the trains station to be welcomed by a fellow 'traveller'. An older, mustashioed guy with an open shirt and blue jeans. He seemed polite at first, asking, in his seemingly deep south accent, where we were from.

-"Scotland, and you?"
-"Well, I'm from Muricah". No shit. "From Ohio (surprising considering the accent, correct me, please, if the Deep South accent can be found in Ohio). You know Muricah is still a good country. But we have a real problem with immigrants...Mexicans. I mean, what's the population of you're country, Norway?"
-"Erm, UK, 60m"
-"Well imagine 60m Mexicans coming in illegally. If it was up to me I'd just round them all up"

What do you say to that?! This guy's opinion wan't going to change, arguing would be futile and most likely leave an awkward taste in the 12 bed dorm we had to share.

He went on to explain that he was "between marriages. My first wife was Moldovan, we were together for 10 years, but, now she's run back to Chisinau and had a baby with another man... She won't answer my e-mails" At this point he was welling up a bit. " So I might go down to Moldova, but I'm also looking for a wife here in case that doesn't work out"

-"Man that sucks, yeah". It was slowly occurring to us that he was a total nutter. He politely confirmed our suspicions when he said:

"If I go down there and she's with another man, I will get a knife and slit his throat".

I was so grateful, at this point, that the hostel guy kept an AK 47 behind the desk. You know, just in case the guy, that we nicknamed Ed Gein , wanted to massacre us or whatever...

This was our first taste of marriage/sex tourism in Ukraine. Something that is all too rife.

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