Jess & Molly Law

By jml

All clear

Today was Jess's turn to see Fiona at the Vet Clinic. We arrived just a little early, so we were waiting outside for a while. Molly is wondering "Why am I back here?" (see yesterday's blip). Jess waits philosophically.

Fiona ran a series of tests on Jess: her heartbeat, blood pressure and of the blood itself. There is nothing apparently wrong, and Fiona thinks that Jess is very fit and healthy. Something must be causing the occasional fainting fit, but we would have to go through a whole series of new investigations to understand it. At the end of it, we might still be no wiser than before, just as four years ago. So, once again, we have decided to do nothing further while Jess is still happy in her own skin.

One thing, though, is that the vet will not give her anaesthetic just now - so the tooth-and-gum cleaning operation is on hold. We have to pick up a doggy-mouthwash in a couple of days, and administer that to Jess ourselves. Should be fun!!!

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