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By seeingasiam

Vitamin C 2

Because you can C 2... gettit? Actually I hate text speak and I had to decipher a long one today which p'd me off. Usually I send anything written in text speak (or should that be txt spk) straight to the little iphone trash can! However, I really like the person who sent me this one so I ploughed through it out of duty (even though she's my age and should know better! ;-) .

So today I need vitamin C.

My stinking cold has gravitated to my chest. I'm coughing like a 20-a-day smoker, have a slight temperature and am feeling generally pants!

So I'm all doped up on Nurofen Cold and Flu and oranges, and never one to waste a blipportunity even when I'm feeling bleurgh, this one got to pose for me before it got scoffed!

Other than that I've been washing and ironing...if there's a more soul-destroying task in a houseful of men I'd like to know what it is (and I don't count cleaning the loo as that got delegated to Bob as soon as we moved in together ;-) No sooner have I emptied the wash basket and the ironing basket they are full again. I may let H go back to his earlier holiday experiment of wearing the same clothes until they walk to the wash bin on their own!

I've also been putting the finishing touches to H's newly decorated room. Just a couple of internet purchases to arrive (a floor cushion and a glitter lamp) and a couple of floating black shelves to install and we're done. He's designed it himself. I gave him free reign on the colour scheme and decor with the proviso that 1. It had to work with his electric blue bed as it's one of those high ones and too expensive to replace on a whim and 2. None of the accessories could be overly expensive. Bless him, he's come in under budget and it looks good. He appears to have inherited my distaste of 'matching' stuff and 'TV-programme- related' bedlinen (I thought he'd go for Bakugan or Pokemon themed stuff) and he's gone for a funky, bright, modern and (unsurprisingly) music-themed approach. When it's all completely finished I've promised him I'll blip it!

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