Desperately seeking

By clickychick


I noticed that, in the shelter of an unused greenhouse, this insignificant little willow-herb (maybe the Marsh, it's late so I haven't researched it thoroughly) with its tiny pink flowers had produced MILLIONS of seeds.

My first reaction was to barge in to uproot them, that caused turbulence in the air and they started swaying. I stood still, let them settle and went for the camera. I like my new Cannon 55-250mm IS lens for quick or macro shots but I'm now remembering I should have turned off the image stabilization when I was using the tripod.

I wouldn't mind having another go at this with the bellows and vintage lens. I doubt if I'll be up early enough in the morning and my holiday approaches!

Very late blip tonight as we were out at a retirement party. It was held in a restaurant that recently chose one of my images from my Framer. I looked around and couldn't see it. The waitress offered to take me to the locked Conference Suites to find it. She remembered it from it's description, it was in the Ullswater Suite. Where else? I should have guessed!

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