By Adda

sunset at the beach...

one of mrs adda's school friends came over for lunch. not one of the talkative type so the quota of conversation was over pretty soon. making a short trip to the lake was almost a natural choice for the afternoon. decided to drive these people to one of my secret beaches. since I visited the place in one of my rides, I always wanted to go back at sunset when the light would be good. unfortunately, the sun disappeared behind the clouds above the horizon before it could melt down into the lake. a short walk through the jungle, walking through ankle high waves and standing alone on an island (okay, a small piece of land), chirping of birds as the dusk fell in...evenings seldom get any better. Did I mention green apple-cookie dough double scoop ice-cream already?

P.S. - one of the 'things' in the silhouette is not a tree.

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