Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Winter Fuel

After yesterday's taste of Autumn, it's reassuring that the oak leaves are a deep green, and that the acorns have not yet fallen.

This is from the northwestern corner of Baildon Moor, near the 'lost village' of Moorside, which we walked past on a local afternoon geocache ramble. We had our first 'failed to find' today, but given that the location is about two hundred metres form home, I expect we'll give it another go.

Today also saw another Blipfoto milestone reached, with this blog now having passed 50,000 views. I'm also now three quarters of the way through my first Blipfoto year, having started on December 3. Thanks very much to all those of you that have popped in to view, to read or to comment.

After a very local week, I'm off to Kingston and Kew over the next two days, so we'll see what catches my eye there.

summer rain ~ acorns washed clean ~ winter fuel ~ ready ~ for the fall

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