Mediterranean Wanderer

By monkeyhanger

A guy needs a project.

I have been building up to have a major de-clutter of my life, for a few reasons. I need to bank as much cash as I can to fund our return to our boat Madison and I also want a less complicated life when I eventually set off again.

One thing on my list of things to do is to sell my existing road bike which is a beautiful GT ZR 2.0 and to allow me to do this I took a look through my shed and found that I have the makings of a replacement in the form of an old, but good 531 frame that I bought new in 1984. I am getting worryingly excited about the prospect of restoring this to its former glory.

I plan a rub down, respray, new livery and some long overdue polish on some old but very high quality parts that are tarnished and un-loved at present. I hope to wow anyone remotely interested with the finished article, in a later blip.

I was thinking today that whilst cycling is environmentally friendly, how much better is using the same bike that you have owned for nearly 25 years. My GT should realise a good bit and will go towards some much needed work on Madison's sails and I will still have a really nice bike to get around on.

It is going to be harder to sell my HiFi which I have built up over many years but I am working towards it. For ladies reading this that aren't into bikes and electronics, let me explain that this is the equivalent of selling your favourite shoes or weeding your wardrobe.

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