Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok

Hangover, bye bye

Today morning woke up already 8AM with a small hangover and despite of trying just did not manage to sleep anymore. Prepared some breakfast (sausage and eggs with some bread and Brie cheese) and listened some music with gentle volume. Was playing it lazy..

..until it was time to head out for sunday ride. Yes I had signed myself to a group ride starting 12AM ;) Actually the ride was not so bad as my mind got a bit clearer and it was nice to discuss with other people while sweating the bad spirits out. We had some rain showers, sunshine and wind but that was all good.

The picture is taken after 105km ride while passing the town towards the home of Mr.Px. He is endurance racer who already had done 110km before joining our group ride, his total for the day about 220kms. I guess here he is playing some sort of air drums etc. And I'm smiling so it was not so bad.

After 131kms and 5hours I was back home feeling very hungry - the last doze of salmon in chilisauce with some salad and vegetables really made my day. This evening will just watch movie from the telly and do nothing. Hmm, I wondr if I should stretch a bit first..

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