Every day is an adventure

By SJRKG1999

Reflection ........

A normal day for my family. But not for so many. It still feels very fresh. Cannot believe its 10 years. The girls were asking lots of questions about 9/11. They have no memory of it. Miss R was 10 months old. I was 6 months pregnant with Miss K. They asked how it had changed the world and what would the world have been like if it hadn't happened. The school had shown some footage on Friday, Miss K was very upset and couldn't let it go.

It was bizarre trying to explain it to them. Then they said they wanted the world to stay the same for the next 5 years. But I pointed out that the technological advancements we had made over the last 10 years would be excelerated over the next 5.

Anyway they went swimming, played with their puppy and all seemed right in their world. Which is how it should be at their age.

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