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By PappaG

Stormy morning

Morning all .....hope all have survived the storm in tact !!! Winds got up to 80mph at work last night but thankfully fairly uneventful shift ......nice!! (mattgrafton blipped and reminded me off this) But !!!!! According to Radio bloody 4 due to being a father, I lost my .....after my sleep so I'm ready for nightshift (not too long obviously as I'm a man and dont really need the sleep....(cough)).......I'll assert my mannl...manly.......whatever.. by taking control of that goddamn remote, deepen the voice, pump the pecs, scratch the particulars and feel my testostorone race through me to brand new highs !!!!!
What I'm going to do once it kicks in.....god knows !!!!

Photo this morning is looking out towards Inchkeith in the Firth of Forth, Lighthouse has been switched off(automated now!). The two lumps off rock protruding (great word lol) are called the Black Rock and the tide goes out passed this and you can walk out to them......with wellies preferably!!

Have a great Day all ;0)

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