Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb


Its Friday so its shopping in Campbeltown followed by lunch in Cafe Bluebell - a delicious roll and bacon and cup of americana. The order rarely varies but the roll was particularly good today with the bacon nice and crisp and the roll toasted on one side. Jings, Iam starting to salivate just thinking about it again!

The rain was coming on so it was a quick walk round the harbour where there was sure to be a blip or two. Strange as it may seem, after getting some shots of the colourful lifeboat, a flotilla of fishing boats and workmen welding harrows for shell fishing, I was attracted by a pile of flotsam on a corner of the quay. The thing that really caught my attention was a pair of blue rubber gloves with the fingers protruding through the rubbish. When I first saw it I thought it looked for all the world like someone trying to grab some of the rubbish. Was there a person under the water wearing the gloves? Was this some kind of plea to stop dumping rubbish in the sea? Such thoughts were quickly ruled out by the sight of a third and then a fourth glove. Sorry to say, but fishermen in this part of the world have a bit of a reputation for discarding all sorts of things over the side of their boats - even rubber gloves that didn't look worn.

When I studied the blip I was surprised to see so many feathers and can only think a few seabirds have come to grief during the recent gales.

If piles of rubbish are considered art in the Tait Modern Gallery, then why shouldn't some flotsam be fair game for blipping!

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