Plus ça change...

By SooB

Monkey in the Middle

We bought our house in France before Katherine was born (parents will be accustomed to time simply being 'before kids' and then dating everything thereafter by how old their kids were). The pool was installed when she was 1, and finally finished when she was 3. The cowboys who installed it decided that the filter system normally used in a hot-tub would be adequate (it wasn't). Two further systems proved inadequate also, until we finally bit the bullet and had a huge sand filter installed. Anyway, that's all to explain the slight green tinge to the water....

Monkey in the middle was named by Mr B's Canadian cousins (well, in our lives it was anyway) and is the water-based version of piggy in the middle. Despite the gloominess of the weather this day (it was one of the few days of the holidays that my photos came out properly) everyone is looking tanned and gorgeous. I was rarely in the pool due to frequent morning sickness (ta, Conor) and mysterious tiredness (later diagnosed by Mr B as anemia - don't know how we didn't spot it sooner since I had exactly the same thing carrying Katherine). Anyway, this holiday I was rarely out of bed for more than about four hours a day, but Mr B seems to have ably hosted the whole thing without my help.

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