By willcarroll

The Dangerous Ordinary

~~~Somewhat more than a month after the last time I posted here~~~

There is something about Blip that makes it more special to record the ordinary that the extra-ordinary.

I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit many wonderful places with great people, and take part in significant moments of friends' lives over the Summer which is now ebbing away. It often seemed like I was on holiday more often than at home.

Now I have three months of "normality" ahead of me, as I settle into an Autumn routine. There is something both comforting, and disconcerting about that.

When you are busy, there is always the excuse of "other stuff to do just now" that allows you to hide from things that scare you, that you don't understand, that make you feel uncomfortable. When you have time to sit down and grind coffee beans at breakfast, you can no longer say that. Without an excuse, you find out who you really are.

It's the ordinary times that say more about a person than the extra-ordinary.

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