By scottishaviator


After a break on the other side of the pond it was straight back to business and a first for me; an undercover agent for a few minutes!!!

A few months ago, I received an email from a gentleman in Tel Aviv who was planning to bring his girlfriend over to the UK for a vacation but had a little more planned than just sightseeing!

So with all the finer details set and my criminal mind covering all eventualities, I hiked up Edinburgh's highest point of Arthurs Seat and found a couple of witnesses where we waited for Yoni and Orit to clamber up 20 minutes later.

At this stage I was rather nervous for him as it seemed were the audience which had gathered.....Thankfully Orit completely taken by surprise said YES and the entire project and planning was unveiled which left her lost for words!

So happy for both Orit and Yoni and wish them every success in their future together! You guys are great!

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