surely you can see

By petergarver

This is a Catalpa tree at my mom's house - I always liked it when I was growing up. Not for any good reason, except maybe those great bean pods. It grows out of a little indentation in the yard that always seemed like some sort of weird no-mans-land to me, overgrown with weeds and flowers instead of the non-threatening grass. In fact, it still seems that way a bit, like a moat guarding the big Catalpa.

But it will only guard it for another couple hours - the tree is mostly dead and my mom is having some yardwork done tomorrow, including cutting down this tree.

I decided to post this weird, confusing, picture instead of one of several safe blippy shots (the shallow-dof-semi-reflective-surface-in-windowlight, the perfectly-balanced-dusklight-wideangle, the dogs-in-a-window) because it just captivated me and wouldn't let me go.

I don't know why, but I can't stop looking at it and that makes it the most photographically significant part of my day - so here it is.

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