an old cynic's view

By superhero

Dotty hits the big screen

I am ashamed at the quality of this but it had to be my blip.
The Fragrant Dotty telling us about how blip has changed her life.
Its OK Dotty we can all say that.
This shot does not do her justice but in a few years it may be worth a few quid.
Its like having loads of pen pals only better, I met Shine a light which was brilliant as he has helped me become a much better photographer ,although you wouldn't think that today.
But it was Dorothy without the red shoes ,how could I resist such a lovely,bubbly person.
Joe was very reassuring about the future of Blip and I told him at the end , I am glad my addiction can carry on.
I also met Ryan
A few other blippers who I am sorry my memory has let me down again

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