LocalBoy & His Fotographs

By stevenbirrell

Let Glasgow Flourish

This motto features on the Glasgow Coat of Arms. I will be honest, I've worked in the city just over four years and it's not something I had really taken much notice of until recently when I spotted the motto featured on buildings, the first time across the road from St Andrew's Church

And it is not always featured in easy to view places. This example of the motto is right at the top of a building in Albion Street currently being renovated. It is only really noticeable from the rooftop of the carpark in Candleriggs. I had went to the top in search of a possible abstract, looking down at the stairwell towards ground level, but nothing doing. Then spotted this.

Been a busy start to the week, plenty of miles getting clocked up, but Edinburgh tomorrow so a relaxing train commute to the capital awaits...

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