Would have liked to have more time over breakfast this morning.

I remember where I was ten years ago this morning. I remember what I felt, what I did, where I went, where I wanted to go.

It was a game changer. Our lives have not been the same. Before ten years ago, I didn't care who the terrorists were or know that they cared about Americans. Eh.
I still don't understand why they care about hurting Americans. But I know that I can't do anything about changing it.

Mmm. Heavy day.

Started it off in the anatomy lab. Preparations. Preparations.
Checklist checked.

I wish I had more time in the mornings to enjoy my tea and just relax. That's my favorite.

In other news, happy birthday to my oldest niece, Laura! And happy birthday to my friend, Julie... who, once upon a time, was a blipper. Maybe she still posts...

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