Faithful old friend

It's nearly 23 years since I was bought this bike for my 18th birthday. I had a choice of a really good bike or an old banger car and decided a bike would be better at uni!

We've had some adventures together:

1) a post A level fortnight in the Loire valley with my 3 best friends
2) two complete runs of the London to Brighton bike ride
3) one run on the London to Oxford bike ride
4) three years whizzing down from Hendrefoilan student village to Swansea uni
5) plenty of rides around Buckinghamshire

I have to admit that for the last 10 years my bike has languished in garages and sheds without being ridden. I had various excuses too hilly or I'm pregnant or we live on a dangerous/hilly road or can't carry 2 kids

Well none of those excuses are now valid so the bike is out of the shed and I'm getting a quote to see how much it'll cost to get it roadworthy! So watch out there will hopefully be a mad 40 something out on her bike around Kendal soon ;-)

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