I had time to kill today between classes so I headed into town and went to the museum. It occurred to me when I posted this that Maddy used to refer to it as a Two-ee-um when she was a toddler.

I'd was passing that way and decided to head in to try and get another look at the Monymusk Reliquary. It's mentioned in one of the books I'm reading at the moment so I wanted a look. Unfortunately it was away being photographed today (ironic or what) and wouldn't be returned until tomorrow. I'll have to head back in next Thursday.

As for the book I'm reading, it's pretty good, I've read lots of books about Rosslyn, as the glen is one of my favourite places around Edinburgh, and this one sticks to more verifiable historey rather than the wealth of pseudo history which has built up around the place.

Anyway, since I was at the museum I decided to hear up to th eroof terrace for some photos. Unfortunately they were all crap. This one was the best of a bad bunch. I think the couple in the photo spotted me though.

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