Living In The Valley

By CatbirdCottage

What a Wicked Web

I ran across (which I consider a rather large) spider web this evening that was on the ground. I'm not sure what kind of spider lives here, and I really didn't look for one. I had on sandals, so I tried to make sure my toes didn't get bit by a spider or anything :) (I know not the best footwear for exploring) Anyway, I went back later when the sun wasn't quite as bright, but the web wasn't as bright. So I went with this photo instead. It only shows a small portion of the nest. I really hadn't noticed how large some of these webs on the ground can be.... Maybe next time I'll see the itsy bitsy spider :D

PS On second thought, it may not even be spiders, it may be a caterpillar or worm nest that somehow wound up on the ground. I'll have to investigate a bit more... I'll wear boots for that....

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