Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman


I noticed the light drop, so grabbed my camera and went outside, in the hope of an impressive thunder cloud shot, but nada. But I did notice the guy on the roof of the house opposite and managed to frame some dark cloud into the shot. Kind of looks ominous, but I promise you, harmless. The young man does all the cleaning, gardening and odd jobs around the house, for its wealthy owner, who works in Jakarta.

The owner is also my landlord too. As landlords go, and I've had a few, living in rented accommodation since 1994, he is probably one of the best, apart from trying to raise his rent prices every year. I am probably his best tenant also. I am not a whiner, if something breaks or fails, I repair it. Only once in the two years that I have been in this house, have I had to call him, because the tap that I was replacing sheared off flush with the wall, eek! The young man in the blip came over and sorted the problem out in no time and was extremely grateful for the couple of dollars tip. He also cleans the weeds from the front of my house once a month.

One reason that I try to be a good tenant, is that I own a house in Manchester which is rented out. What a giant pain in the ass that is. I pay a management company to sort everything out in my absence and they are brilliant, getting me the best prices on repairs etc. But the tenants! I could take a baseball bat to most of them and sleep soundly. The latest request is that the tenant wants a new cooker hob, as the tiny plastic window over the indicator light is missing. Just glue a piece of clear plastic over the hole, if it concerns you so much. This throw away society really.... I'm losing it here, so I think I will stop the rant now, because I could write a book on tenants and landlords.


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