Sea Urchin

By seaurchin

Shooting stars

I spent most of yesterday editing images and forgot to take any photos. My eyes were watering by the end of the day. Today, however, I was out and about looking for suitable images for an environmental charity. It didn't really feel like work at all. Walking in woodland with doggo in the sunshine. It was bliss. I made it to my pilates class by the skin of my teeth and laid on the mat unwilling to move. My poor old body is not the most flexible and most of the women there put me to shame. It's early days though. Another year and I will be supple and youthful once again....

I thought I had tucked both the girls up in bed and snuck outside with a mug of tea to star gaze. One by one each of the children joined me until all four of us were sitting on the outside table looking to the sky. It was beautiful and we felt so small and insignificant. I can't even begin to understand what lies out there and even if I tried it would probably overwhelm me. Sam was very knowledgeable and explained a few things to us and Murron and I resolved to go to the library tomorrow and borrow a book to help us identify some of the constellations. She did find Orion's Belt and we saw a shooting star - my first. Our neighbour kindly brought out his telescope and showed us Jupiter and its moons. It made for a really wonderful evening.

It was well past 10pm when we went back inside. School tomorrow. Oh dear.

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