This is the last of 4 blips I've just uploaded from uni. Internet issues at home. Feeling like I've at least been a bit productive so far, which is really quite an achievement after last night, and 5 hours of sleep.


Today I Did Will Have Done This
- Woken up by Philly and Daria at 10, so we could go into uni together.
- Spent a few hours printing documents, filling in documents and handing in documents for my job.
- Uploaded a few blips from the University House cafe. Damn good prawn mayonnaise sandwich.
- Done a few productive things at the flat (hopefully).
- Attended at least one house warming party, maybe two. Kinda excited to drink in a house and not be going out after.

(First time in a long time that I've not been uploading at the very end of the day, so that doesn't work so well...)

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