By smithski

Carrot Balancing

When I was a kid my hair was the colour of Vanilla ice cream.
When I was 30 it was mousy blonde & going at the peaks so has been shaved off ever since.
Since I hit 40 I keep getting the urge to grow a goatee.
I gave it two weeks and was prepared for a peppering of grey (it did & looked cool).
I was prepared for it feeling weird having a beard (it did & I loved it)...

I wasnt prepared for the Irish bloodline carrying out its curse & turning the moustache ginger. Now before anyone gets uppity I dont mean a nice Celtic red, I mean a geeky orange like I was balancing a carrot on my top lip!

So its gone... & I miss it... i will wait another decade till I am 50 & hope the lot goes a distinguished grey.

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