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Little Monstors

After, for once, what was a happy Baby swim I was lucky enough to be allowed a free bit of time to pop out to buy some new shoes. I managed to get some pretty quick and so treated myself to a coffee and then wandered around one of the current exhibitions at the Aspex gallery. I used to really be into watching wrestling when I was younger so I find this quite interesting, though sad, to see so many have died that I was unaware of, though I am not really very surprised.

I managed to get home in time for a park visit before lunch. Later on in the afternoon we headed down to an affordable art sale on Albert Road. We were quite taken by a Monstor by Mr Kemp so we bought it for Baby's room. We arranged to come back a short while later to collect the painting and also a few other bits and bobs that we had bought before setting off to the second play park of the day. As usual Toddler bumped into a friend whislt Baby had a swing and watched the big girls.

After an hour we were about to leave and thought Baby should have a change when we realised that we did not have the changing bag, along with Wife's purse which had been put in it today. In a bit of a panic I ran back to the art sale and thankfully the bag was still there with its contents in tact, that is the beauty of changing bags really , that nappies tend to put thieves off.

I gathered all our things before the painting and called Wife to let her know I had it all. I then located the Mr Kemp and asked to take away the painting. I then realised that I had just left the other bag of stuff just bought on the other side of the room where I phoned Wife from. I managed to retrieve it but was now quite flustered due to my new found bag losing ability. The artist passed me the painting and I thanked him and started to leave. He quickly said the agreed monetry amount as I realised I had forgotten to pay him. Feeling very stupid and rude, particularly as he was such a nice chap, I apologised profusely, handed over the cash and sheepishly headed for home with a big friendly bathing yellow monster under my arm.

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