The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

After the rain to my blip bank.

You know how it is...

The weather is glorious and you see something that you can't stop and blip. So it gets tucked away for the next day.

The One of the problems with my work is that it is a feast or a famine.. Mind you 9 months after the Festive season it usually is a feast and true to form it surely is. Driving all over the country in a brand new red car (which has started to rust) and the seat jammed too far away from the pedals for my wee legs. Propped forward with everything I could jam behind me, I managed to make it back to base. The rain lashed my head and curled my hair, but I made it.
I was only just over an hour late for my first afternoon appointment, but my wonderful colleague had sorted it out and I managed a mouthful of lunch, at 15:00hrs.

All was again right with the world, until I turned onto the road with my awaiting blip and total devestation. Almost flattened as was I.

Those of you with a good imagination may appreciate this, but for the rest of us.......sorry.

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