Made on a Mac

Like the generation before me will always remember where they were when they learned of Elvis or John Lennon's death, I suspect mine will remember the Apple device through which they first heard of Steve Jobs' demise.

His effect is a strange thing. It's not about the shiny gadget on which I saw his face when I peeled my eyes open this morning, or the other one I'm writing this on now. Amazing though they are, I think more often than not these days these things take our attention away from things of much greater importance.

No, Apple's gadgets are just the manifestation of the things he stood and worked for, tirelessly, consistently and aggressively - a simple, obvious perfection others either didn't aspire to or were incapable of achieving.

When we bought an Apple product we bought a piece of that.

For those of us who were hooked into that idea with the first Macintosh, it's had a profound effect on our lives. I can say with absolute certainty that without Steve's Apple I would not be here writing this and you would not be reading it. Blipfoto was and is made on a Mac and, in many ways, was made because of the Mac.

And the guy was only 56.

Command-option-eject in peace, Steve.

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