Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover

Dancing queen

Maddy was still going strong after midnight, just before we left the party. Unfortunately for the rest of us the evening was getting a little blurry. It was a good evening though and it was great to see all Roz's family down there. I meant to go and take a photo of mid spire this morning. It's a church on Dumfries High Street which, despite the name, doesn't have a spire, but we didn't get round to it

We had to check out the hotel at ten this morning (after an excellent breakfast of porridge followed by a fry up). We visited Roz's sister for a bit and then took advantage of being so close to Gretna. No, not to get married, but to go to the factory outlet village. I have to say it wasn't hugely exciting though. It was ok for a 20-30 mile detour on the way home from Dumfries, but I wouldn't head down there specifically from Edinburgh. Even th eprofessional cookwear shop failed to live up to expectations as they had no Global or Le Creuset products.

In the end Roz grabbed me a few items for work from the Ralph Lauren factory shop.

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