Vivi clicks

By vivianna


3rd day - Fussen.

Felt very excited to see the beautiful castles - Schloss Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein. The former one has rich historical background and the rooms inside show a lot of treasures and tells interesting stories. Really enjoyed the tour, and guide was quite funny.

After the visit, we went downhill to take to bus to Neuschwanstein. I stopped at some point to take a good look at a magnificent mountain wtih turqoise lake. It was beautiful. An old couple were sitting at the bench in the photo and I thought it looked very cute. I took a picture but it didn';t turn out like how I saw it. So I took another picture of the bench before I left and here it is. I love it.

Neuschwanstein was magnificent and the design inside was amazing. It felt so surreal when I passed the cave where the king liked staying in.

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