A Sasanach's Skye photos

By Sasanach

mmmm....., work station?

I took this picture a wee while ago. It has been a truly grotty day. Skye mizzle all day! I could have simply not taken a picture nor uploaded one but then I know I'll be going away soon and I'd rather have one than not.

I'm sat at my work station. I hear you say "work station?". Well this is where I do some of my work but I am surrounded by things that mean something to me like a rack of wine; a desk top monitor with one of my photographs as a background; my A3+ printer; a photograph of my lad juggling; plus a load of junk just tossed onto the shelf both in front of me and to the side, (though you can't see that).

Here I sit for much of the day and evening so I feel it is my right to be surrounded by such things. I suppose I will drink a good Scotch rather than open a bottle of wine; it is more fun to share that.

Funny how the weather goes, one day it is fine, the next it is foul.

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