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Art Brut Top Of The Pops

One of my favorite bands played at my favorite venue tonight. Art Brut at the Wedgewood Rooms. Art Brut are a band all about having a good time who have had massive success abroad but in this country their biggest chart position infamously missed out on hitting the top forty by the sale of just one record. I have seen them a few times before and they usually manage to put on a very good show and tonight was no exception.

After the little ones finally went to sleep I headed out to meet friends for a quick drink before the gig. On the way to the drink we popped past the Wedge to check the times of the bands. The bouncer told us it was very quiet inside just as the first support band were about to start who on closer inspection was my next door neighbours band.

We nipped to the pub for a quick drink and a catch up and then headed back to the gig in plenty of time before the Brut hit the stage which is exactly what they did.
The songs were great and the band were very very entertaining particularly when lead singer Eddie Argos climbed out into the crowd and ended up getting everyone crouched down on the ground as he spoke before getting them all back up to dance with him.

So if you ever see them come to your town I recommend you go to see them or at least have a listen. And if at first you think you dont like them give them a few more listens to be sure as they are growers and you may even change your mind.

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