Every day is an adventure

By SJRKG1999

Pretty Lady ....

Funny story today at work. The scottish accent and how it can get you into bother. We were talking childbirth, as you do. One of our colleagues, whose husband was in the forces and stationed down south, was describing her 3 day labour, she sent her husband home a few times as it was taking so long. She was exhausted, so tired. While checking on her again the nurse asked if she needed anything. "I could dae wit a wee half oor" . The nurse turned abruptly and left. Her husband returned and asked how things were going, "not well said the nurse she just called me a whore" no star treatment after that.

In hyperdrive this week cause I'm off next week. Got home just ready to settle in then realised I had to go back out for my flu jag. Joy!!!

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