Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

John Moss RIBA

Mum's Dad, grandad Moss, was born in 1907. He trained as an architect, and furthered his education by spending time in Africa and Palestine. His career meant spending relatively short periods around the UK, and Mum swapping schools frequently.

He worked for the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, designing buildings on some significant projects including Dounreay - the Uk's centre for fast nuclear reactor research (the wearing of white Wellington Boots was always mandated),
The Transport Research Laboratory, Crowthorne, Berkshire and the Ship Hydrodynamic Laboratory at Feltham, Middlesex. He also spent a period designing post offices, a challenge not relished and keenly put behind him.

But all of that was well before I knew him. In retirement, he took to watercolour painting, something he was quite accomplished at. I've fond memories of visiting his studio, and having a go at it. Pictured here is one of his paintings he never got to finish. The brushes and paints are mine, but they haven't seen the light of day for years.

Most of the family have a few of his paintings hanging on walls, which is great. I do too, but best of all, I have some of his collection of field note books, containing many sketches, some coloured showing general scenes and details for later faithful reproduction in the studio.

Number 5 in the series of October Origins. You can see the rest of the series including other blippers' contributions here

I hope you like it.

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