Another day goes by

By WelshSi

Those were the days - October Origins

Up in the attic again today, isn't it fun rummaging around in all the boxes looking for memories when you are supposed to be doing something else. What a find today, my first ever Sony Walkman. I was the kiddie when I had this, I was the first in my area to have one. I was lucky that my aunty was coming home from Aus via Hong Kong, or somewhere like that, and picked it up for me. It was the WM-3, one of the very early models, I think it was the late 70's early 80's when I had it. I loved my music and sang out loud with my headphones on, of course in perfect tune. I must have gone through hundreds of batteries as this was never far from my side, the down side was either to carry loads of tapes with you or listen to the same cassette over and over again.

My music is still biased to the 80's, can't drag myself away from it, but at least they are on CD and not on tape. Remember when they used to tangle up in the rollers and stretch so the sound was funny, those were the days.

Are we already to sing the Welsh National Anthem tomorrow morning, I am. Ready to sing loud and proud. I am soooo excited I am not sure I will sleep tonight, so I am having a few beers to help me on my way.

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