a town called E.

By Eej

Pumpkin Day

In pumpkin season, I don't think he is ever NOT outside, talking to the customers lined up for him. He is friendly and funny, our Gene, and people from everywhere come to see him. Not just to get their annual pumpkins.

We took our time picking out our pumpkins and gourds today, and he took some time to talk to us. We had already paid for our stuff with one of the girls, but really, what is a visit to Gene the Pumpkinman without saying 'hi' to Gene the Pumpkinman?
With as many people he sees on a day it's not surprising he didn't remember us, but I joked about it, and he said I was bad and scolded the Beloved for bringing me to the farm. And he laughed his big hearty laugh that makes mine pale in comparison.
More people stopped and waved and said hi, and I said that he must be so tired by the end of the season and he said he was tired at the start!, and we all laughed again.

But then he told us that his wife is really ill, and how she has 12 hour care during the day, and that he takes care of the other 12 hours during the night. And he told us how miserable she was at the hospital and how he fought to bring her home because he was certain she would die if he didn't and I realised that he is more than a pumpkinman.
He's the stuff that legends are made of.

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