Cheer-up Chocolates

As the only photograph I took today was of funeral wreaths, I thought I'd better look for an alternative to blip.

I treated myself to this fabulous little box of dark chocolate coffee beans when I ordered a few Christmas presents the other day & tonight's the night to open them.

Service went as well as can be expected, the usual family politics hung over proceedings as is often the case at such gatherings, but, of course, happy memories were reflected on too. An unexpected act of kindness was the vicar waiving his fee as my uncle had downs syndrome. My Dad, who is dubious of anyone's faith, proclaimed "now *that's* Christianity!"

Got home this evening to a message from the vet "wanting to discuss Stella's lab results". I'm pleased I'm so utterly tired that I'll sleep tonight rather than worry myself silly by reading too much into it. Going to seem like an age until I can call her back though & so I'm consoling myself with the thought that, judging by the size of the wound site in the "dodgy" area, the vet will have got everything if it turns out it was something to worry about.

Speaking of Stella, she must be feeling fine, she took advantage of an empty house & managed to sneak a snooze on my old bed at my parents while we were all out!

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