The Rambling Path

By MuddyFox


Well, first I better admit to my little accident with the D7000... The strap broke without warning on my camera bag, depositing my little baby on the floor :( Bit between the camera and the lens broke so they don't stay together anymore :( On the plus, it's totally covered so won't cost me a penny :) Just have to cope without it for a while...

Other news today...

Well I've been feeling a bit off for a few days - but kept making excuses for myself... eventually went to the doctors this morning and they told me I have bad tonsillitis :( Great, well, not had that before - that would explain why my ears were blocked up (put that down to swimming) and why I had a headache (put that down to dehydration after running) and why I was really really tired (put that down to not being fit enough!). Ahhh well. Got antibiotics for the week, 4x a day (and if that doesn't work then I've probably got glandular fever... :( let's hope not!)

So yeh, not much to tell... just been shivering or boiling all day and keep forgetting what I'm doing! Took a short walk up to the uni and back. Hopefully this is the worst of it and I'll be better tomorrow.

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