a town called E.

By Eej


At first I was visiting my boyfriend who was kinda the Beloved, but really not. He was sleeping, but I was just walking around the house. His son was awake as well, and I was thinking about telling my boyfriend that but then I didn't. Instead I went to the dentist with my Mam who was kinda my Mam, but really not. They had built a health center at Walmart, apparently, and there was a petting zoo. With owls and penguins. And an aquarium that had a window with a view of mountains like Cabbagetree's. I wanted to take photos, but there was a bench in front of the window and these guys kept sitting in my way.
So I went to the pool and just hung out there. It was warm and lovely, until I looked underwater and saw three long haired blonde women floating at the bottom. So I screamed and screamed, and then the Medical Examiner came to see how they died and I woke up before he could tell me.

It was 3.30am.

The Beloved was working extra extra (not just 10 hours, 11.) but I didn't know so I roamed around the house trying to find him, which somehow echoed my dream and that freaked me out something fierce.

I didn't fall back to sleep until almost 5 ... but to make up for everything I dreamed I was young and gorgeous and a whole bunch of men was trying to woo me.

It only partially worked; I've had the floating women on my retinas all day. When I got a new computer at work. When the computer guy complimented me on being awesome (well, that's how I interpreted it ;)). When I cleaned up a dead fly for my boss and it somehow attached itself to my hand. When I fed peanuts to a whole family of Tufted Titmice.

So, I'm incensing the entire house. I want all little bits of this dream cleaned out. I'd use sage but it seems I'm out :/

Typically, I didn't read a tutorial on how to photograph smoke until after 85 failed photos. But then I found this one and it looks like the smoke made me a bouquet of roses*. Aw. I know it's all wrong and kinda crappy looking but how could I pass that up?

Thanks so much for all the hearts and comments yesterday. I didn't think that would happen as I posted it so late. I guess I was wrong :)

*It's possible I did it but I have no clue how and it seems unlikely I'll ever be able to do it again.

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