Blipaholic Deb

By BlipaholicDeb

Bird Watching

Go on....go LARGE and look into his beady eye.

I could hear the woodpecker in next door's garden as I hung the washing on the line and there was a lot of activity on the feeders this morning, so with the beautiful blue skies and light (it's bleeding cold though!), I armed myself and went in hunt of an early blip.

I did find the woodpecker. She was on one of the taller trees in next door garden but I couldn't get a nice close shot because she was so far away. This is the one and only time I'll regret not having trees in my garden! Here's a heavily cropped shot of her

So I ended up with this shot of one of the parakeets. I much prefer to shoot these in the trees rather than on the feeders where they bully the smaller birds out of the way!

These parakeets are wild, there are many rumours about escapees from film sets, the fact that Jimi Hendrix released 2 and yet more rumours about other escapees during the storms of 1987 and yet there seem to be various breeds flourishing. The ring necked and the monk. My ones resemble neither of those as they have no neck detail at all. So where have they all come from??

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