love light

By lrw

What is wrong with this picture?

Well, on the surface, nothing I suppose. It's my drive way. And it looks good, I think. I am happy with the way my driveway renovation worked out. Actually, my initial plan was to leave dirt between all the stones and encourage moss to grow there. But I was talked out of that, and while this looks very nice, I cannot but help think my initial plan would have looked better.

But that's not what's wrong with this picture. The problem is my car. Do you see it? No. You don't. And neither do I! :(

I took my car in yesterday (read y/day's blip for a sad (ie. funny) story) to have the tail lights fixed. Left side tail lights. Simple - just replace a couple of bulbs. Maybe a fuse. What ever.

Nope. The entire bulb socket mechanism is melted! Had to be replaced. Simple fix has become a two day ordeal.

Not really an ordeal, if I am honest about it. It has meant that yesterday I *walked* downtown to meet my son for dinner. The walk took me all of 30 minutes! Yikes.

Today I *ran* to my gym appointment for my work out. That took me about 15 minutes. And it was a good warm up. Even in the coldish morning. But my run home was more of a walk as I was truly exhausted by my workout ;)

And now, it means I have to spend the entire afternoon in the house (it's raining pretty hard outside today) doing things I should have been doing all along.

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