but not forget

Despite not feeling at all myself it was necessary to go outside into the strange warm smelly air full of filthy spitting smoking people in order to return a broken pair of trainers to the trainer-shop; I noticed the problem on the train on the way to Ayr on the first of the month but had unfortunately bought them in Tiso so had had to wear them throughout the holiday until the chance to return them arose. Luckily there was no need for any complication and stress and the trainers were immediately replaced with a shiny new pair meaning that I have effectively had two months' free trainer-wear and shouldn't need to replace them again until November at the current rate of wear. I don't know if raising the trainer-issue first made any difference but I then presented the second customer-service desk matter of the rucksack (whose repair was delayed so that they'd told me it wouldn't be ready in time for holiday but then said they could get back in time for holiday but unrepaired at which point I bought I replacement after which they said that they'd got the rucksack back in a repaired state and wanted £42 for it) which the bloke (the one I'd spoken to lots about it on the electric telephone) immediately recalled, went to fetch and dumped on the desk with a note of finality and no request for any sort of payment. I did tentatively ask about money (having fully expected to have to try and argue that they'd caused me to fork out for an unnecessary replacement with their misinformations) and received confirmation that it was free. So, I now have a new pair of trainers and my old rucksack repaired for free although I have another rucksack which I paid 90% of the full price for so have only really bought a new rucksack though it was nice to feel the old one on my shoulders again on the walk home.

Slightly more annoying was the confirmation from boss that I would have to go into work tomorrow if only for the afternoon. Not sure what useful work I can perform whilst my head feels like the inside of an airing-cupboard but I can at least show willing.

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