Journey Through Time

By Sue

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

Sometimes you go to a place that is so breathtakingly photogenic, it's nearly impossible to take a bad photo. Such is the Cedar Creek Grist Mill located in North Clark County, out of Woodland, Washington. Located in a narrow valley with the Cedar Creek as it's only source of power, the Grist Mill has been in existence since 1875. It was powered by a water wheel, but it was replace with a turbine. It is only open on the weekends but Bill and I went today and it was quiet and peaceful. One other man was there taking photos, of course. He pointed out the path that took us across from the mill and over to the creek, where the falling huge maple leaves was just glorious. The sun peeked out a bit and lit up the foliage and highlighted the water for me. Thank you. This weekend I believe, the volunteers are there to do their annual apple cider exhibition. The public shows up and sees how the grist mill works and gets some juice. Where they park the cars I have no idea, as the space is very, very small. On other weekends, they do the usual grain, and I read that people sometimes get to take home a small bag of flour, or whatever the end product is for that weekend.

Please look at this enlarged, as it's much prettier that way. And I so hope you look at a few extra photos in blipfolio, because... well, because they are pretty!

Cedar Creek

Rear of mill, through the trees

Covered Bridge. You go over a covered bridge to get to the mill.

Fall Fishing Season on the Lewis River

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