The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Central Pier Blackpool.....

I couldn't really do the Sunset justice tonight, it was much better than this, but it's close.

As promised we are in Blackpool to do the three Piers here, plus the one just down the road at St Anne's, only Ten left to do now and that will be all the surviving Piers left in Britain.
So What is left, Starting at the North of the country and working down:-

Mumbles (nr Swansey
Penarth (nr Cardiff
Herne Bay
Ramsey (Isle of Man, this could be expensive)

This pier was built in 1867/8 and was originally 1518ft but was reduced to 1118ft in 1970 when the jetty was demolished.
This 108 foot Big Wheel was added in 1990 after strengthening: total cost estimated at £750,000 and is a main attraction, but Maddy said it was a bit to big for her to have a go on it.

She just loved the lights when they were switched on when it got dark, and when the lit up trams came by she was just amazed.

We have another day tomorrow and we will paint the town Red.

As a note to you all, don't ever book into the Travel Lodge at Preston Central it is disgusting, a letter will be winging to the MD of Travel Lodge ASAP from me, it is the worse one I have ever stopped at.

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